January 20, 2014

AKB0048 Ep 14

So sorry for the wait. >.< Let's move on to the 2nd season of AKB0048!

It starts off with a brief explanation of the current situation of the galaxy in the Stellar Calendar Year 0048.
(This line is particularly important, as it is the reason why the 75th and 77th generation members perform.)

October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! + Kamonegix Full Dance Video

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! :D

So, lack of motivation has caused me to not blog in the past 2 months. @.@ I am slowly getting back into the groove of blogging, so be prepared for some AKB0048 episode reviews. I have other blog post ideas in the works, which will be more on the informative side like my Idol Auditions in Japan post. 

Lately, I have been thinking about what dances to cover. I pick a song, and then download all the videos I can find, but not one video is good enough to follow (unless you are watching dance shot versions from Hello! Project groups). Watching 4 different videos 20 times to learn a dance is very time-consuming and slightly annoying. 

As I have been really into NMB48's latest single "Kamonegix" (カモネギックス), I decided to make a video focusing on the dance to simplify the life of anyone who was planning on covering it, but could not find a good reference video. There is a "Dancing Version MV" of this song, but I think the editor got way too fancy with how many camera angles they had. Using 3 different camera angles in the span of 2 seconds is unnecessary and does not particularly help those learning the dance. 

Without further ado, here is the full dance version of NMB48's "Kamonegix":

August 22, 2013

AKB0048 Opening

Sorry for disappearing for a few months (this will be explained in another blog post.)

Without further ado, here is another AKB0048 review! I know I should be starting to review the 2nd season, but I think the opening deserves a review as well. It will also provide a nice recap of the first season, as well as cover anything that was not mentioned in the series, especially the back stories of each of the 75th and 77th generation of understudies. There is surprisingly a lot of hints to what will be covered in the 2nd season.

(Taken from AKB48 documentary "No Flower Without Rain")

May 11, 2013

AKB0048 Ep 13

I have finally made it to the last episode of the first season! 

The episode starts with Tsubasa informing the understudies that they will not be able to continue the concert on Lancastar because DES is coming after them. Everyone is upset, and Yuuka is the one that brings up the possibility that Lancastar will be completely under the Entertainment Ban if they do not finish the concert. This means that they will never be able to come back to Lancastar. 

After the understudies have successfully come back to the Katyusha, Tsubasa is not sure what to do and remembers what Acchan said about performing at a concert where no one is waiting for them:

April 7, 2013

MV Review: Takahashi Minami - Jane Doe

Time for another music video review! I received such a great response from my first music video review, so I will be continuing this type of review. :D This time, I am reviewing AKB48's General Manager, Takahashi Minami, solo debut single, "Jane Doe," which is being used as the theme song for the drama "Saki."

March 31, 2013

AKB0048 Ep 12

So we last left off with all the understudies trying to get away from DES forces. However, Orine trips and is attacked by the machine she worked with in the factory with the name "Sakura" engraved on it. Orine thinks the following as she faces a shocking reality: 

March 29, 2013

Recent Anime Song Covers: Otome Game Style

My recent song covers have all been the opening songs of animes that are based on otome games. ^_^" So far, I have covered Hakuoki and Amnesia, and I have at least two more songs planned. Can you guess from which series? ;)

Hakuoki OP - "Izayoi Namida" by Yoshioka Aika

I reviewed 5 out of the 6 characters in "Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" game, so I was excited to watch the anime and see whose path the anime will focus on. Surprisingly, the anime seems to be going down everyone's path, but with slightly more focus on Hijikata's. (I will blog about Hijikata's story in the game eventually, so please wait a bit longer for those who have been reading them.) I have yet to watch the second season of the anime, but the anime seems to combine all the games together as there are scenes that are not in "Demon of the Fleeting Blossom," but actually in the fandisk called "Hakuoki ~Zuisouroku~" where you can see extra CGs and even side routes that you do not have a chance to see in the main game.